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Charlette Bathroom Accessories (Single Pieces)

Item types
    1. Primanova Charlette Bathroom Set  It has the appearance of handmade and carved marble.
    2. Material: shatter-resistant resin material.
    3. Basic color: White base with multi color Rings 
    4. Mentioned price is for single item
    5. Available items:
    6. Liquid soap dispenser
    7. Soap Dish
    8. Tooth brush Holder 
    9. Toilet Brush & Holder
    1. Measurements
    2. Soap dispenser: Width: 10cm  Height: 13cm 
    3. Soap dish: Width: 10cm   Length: 13cm   Height: 3cm
    4. Brush holder: Width: 10.5cm   Height: 10cm
    5. Toilet Brush Size:10cm   Height: 39cm
    6. Measurements are approximately mentioned.
    1. Please strictly follow the care instructions
    2. Wipe pieces clean with a damp cloth
    3. Work Temperature 10 to 70 degree C