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Oval Steel Fruit Basket (Set of 3)

    1. This set of three Fruit Baskets are perfect for adding a stylish touch to any table setting. Made from a steel frame with a Oval design with handles and a Black color, these baskets are perfect for storing and displaying fresh fruits. 
    2. Material: Steel
    3. Available Colors: Black
    4. Approx. Basket Large Size:16"X 10"X 3.8" Inches
    5. Approx. Basket Medium Size:15"X 8.5"X 3.8" Inches
    6. Approx. Basket Small Size: 13.5"X 7.5"X 3.8" Inches
    7. Composition: Steel Wire
    8. Imported Manufacture
    1. Please strictly follow the care instructions
    2. Hand wash strongly recommended
    3. Do not bleach
    4. Do not iron
    5. Do not dry clean
    6. Do not tumble dry