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Tomyus Deer Table Clock

    1. Product Detail: 
      1. The precise silent sweeping movement offers a peaceful environment while sleeping, study or working.
      2. Quiet to your life. Our Clocks bring an elegant and classy charm without the annoyance of constant ticking and chiming.
      3. We believe in providing the highest quality clocks that transform houses into homes. We want our amazing customers to be able to feel the difference of owning our beautiful clock has fine workmanship, smooth and glossy, beautiful and exquisite.
      4. Metallic iron look, well made, black Arabic numbers, an awesome clear and simple style With metal base, looks conspicuous in your nightstand.
      5. The sturdy outer casing design frame can be used for a long time.
    2. Style: Analog
    3. Color: Golden 
    4. Martial: Brass 
    5. Type: Table Clock
    6. Powered By: 1 AA Battery (Not included)
    1. Measurements of Product:
    2. Clock Size: 2.8" X 5.3" X 8.4" inches