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Crystal Flamingo Table & Floor Lamp

    1. Product Detail:
      1. Lamp Inbuilt Led
      2. When you receive the goods after connection just place the bird portion on the base
      3. Better fit for any style of decoration. Energy power saving, low power consumption and environmental protection.
      4. Minimalist Japanese-style tatami Lamp Perfects for living room, bedroom, office, kids room, or college dorm, it will bring you a peaceful and warm night.
      5. Warm Brightness: It helps light up the corner without blinding or making it uncomfortably bright. 
    2. Base Material: Metal Chrome 
    3. Base Color:Gold
    4. Measurement:
    5. Floor Lamp: Height 61.82", Max Width 11.41"
    6. Large Table Lamp: Height 16.5", Max Width 10"
    7. Small Table Lamp: Height 8.5", Max Width 7.09"
    8. Shade Bar Material: Metal & Acrylic Wings 
    9. Switch type: ON / OFF
    10. Power supply: 90V-220V household power supply
    11. Lighting area: 8-15 square meters
    12. Working power: 6W
    13. Light source: light strip
    1. Please strictly follow the care instructions
    2. If the external cable or cord of the lamp gets damaged, it must only be replaced by a qualified technician in order to avoid risk