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Colorful Kitchen Utensils Silicone 12 Piece (Red)

    1. Are you ready to elevate your cooking and serving game? Look no further than our 12-piece Red-colored kitchen utensil set! Not only do these utensils look stunning, but they are also made of eco-friendly and BPA-free wood, ensuring that you're taking care of your family and the environment. With scratch resistance, non-stick surface, and heat-resistance up to 230 degrees, these utensils are the perfect kitchen companions. They're also easy to clean and built to last, ensuring that they'll be with you for all your culinary adventures. Don't wait - order your set today and experience cooking and serving like never before!
    2. Material: Wood, Plastic & silicon
    3. Color: Basic wood color & Red
    4. Set Includes: 1 Jar and 11 Utensils 
    1. Measurements & Weight of product:
      1. Food Clip:  26cm X 3cm (98 g)
      2. Egg Beater: 26cm X 6cm (47 g)
      3. Brush: 27cm X 4cm (49 g)
      4. Noodle Server: 31cm X 6cm (73 g)
      5. Spoon: 32 cm X 7cm (78.2 g)
      6. Slotted Spoon: 31cm X 7cm (69 g)
      7. Soup Spoon: 31cm X 8cm (85g)
      8. Turner: 32cm X 8cm (72 g)
      9. Jar size: 16cm X 12cm (140 g)