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Globe Ornament

    1. Product Details: 
      1. Globe ornaments: living room, wine cabinet, porch, office desktop home decoration, creative globe technology sense. Light luxury globe clock ornaments, marble horoscope series ornaments, the stars revolve, revolving the universe. Multi-dimensional and variable styling enhances the taste and style of home furnishing.
      2. 360° multi-dimensional rotation: the collision of warm metal and marble, simple but not monotonous, elegant, luxurious, and fashionable. 360° multi-dimensional rotation, interlocking, smooth rotation, variable shape, instantly enhance the style and taste of home decoration. Marble base: natural marble base, stable and powerful, showing the light and luxurious style. Not only handicrafts, but also treasures of hundreds of millions of years. 360°rotating and playing around, the space is full of fun.
      3. Surface technology: metal electroplating process, anti-oxidation and not easy to fade, ingenious polishing, manual welding. Select high-quality metal, polished by hand, rotate smoothly, and feel delicate to the touch. The non-slip flannel bottom protects your home without affecting the appearance.
      4. Laser engraving: The base of the astrological disk, to be the guardian of your own astrology, creating a luxurious and romantic atmosphere. The encounter between metal and marble, the hollow clock design, backed by replaceable batteries (without batteries), feel the artistic thinking, and condense the touch of life.
    2. Material: Metal Brass, Resin & Marble
    3. Color: Chrome Golden & Black
    1. Measurements & Weight of product:
    2. Large Size: 31 x 9 x 43 cm
    3. Weight: 2.5 Kilograms
    4. Small Size: 23 x 8 x 35 cm
    5. Weight: 1.75 Kilograms