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Gold Sparrow Crystal Sphere Stand

    1. Product detail:  
      1. The spherical shape of the crystal ball has harmony and perfect energy. In the Feng Shui area, you can place one or two crystal balls around to increase the motivation of the home or office.
      2. Our 3.1-inch crystal ball is hand-made and finely polished with high light transmission glass. It has a delicate texture, is completely transparent, and has no flaws or inclusions.
      3. High-quality materials, creative shapes, and different sensory experiences.
      4. The base of creative octopus is made of copper, welded by hand as a whole, polished by hand, thick in texture, fashionable and durable.
      5. This classic transparent crystal ball will add a little elegance to any room.
    2. Material: Steel & Acrylic
    3. Basic color:  Transparent & Golden
    4. Set includes:
      1. 2 crystal Balls 
      2. 2 Golden Stands
    1. Measurements of Product:
      1. Large Size: 8 * 8 * 4.5 Inches
      2. Medium Size:  7 * 7 * 3.8 inches
      3. ( Hand measurement, pls allow 1-3cm Difference !)
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