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Aveo Golden Leafe Vase

    1. Product Detail: 
      1. These charming small flower vases are made of thick & strong glass, which are durable and not easy to break, is sure to set the tone in any room of your house. This long-lasting, high-quality vase set will keep your décor appearing fresh and current year after year.
      2. Modern vase is intended to be excellent, strong, Showcase your style with this decorative rustic vase Create a space in your home with refined rustic, yet elegant and effortlessly beautiful piece.
      3. Handmade glass vase looks beautiful and fashionable, brings your flowers a beautiful display. Perfect art decoration for your home, kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, office, restaurant, flower shop
      4. [High-quality materials vases]: This tabletop vase is made of high-quality glass. The edges are smooth and round, comfortable to the touch, attention to detail, not easy to scratch; the bottom is made of brass, sturdy and durable, not easy to tip over
      5. [Elegant Design flower vase]:This fashionable transparent vase with gold leaves is more elegant, adding a lifelong beauty to your home, office or living room decoration. It is not only an ordinary vase, but also can be used as a decorative piece alone. Creative style is suitable for various home decoration styles, making your home warm and artistic
    2. Material: Copper & Glass
    3. Color: Golden & Transparent Glass
    4. Design: Leaf Bail
    5. Rust-less
    6. Set Includes: 1 Vase
    1. Measurements of product
    2. Large Size: 14" X 5"X 5" inches
    3. Small Size: 12" X 5"X 5" inches