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KHOI Brass Deer

    1. Product Detail:
      1. High quality piece of home décor art. Put them in your room and decorate your room, like desk, bookcase, shelf, dining table, bedside. Make your home look more elegant and beautiful.
      2. Modern craftsmanship, clear lines, carefully crafted every detail, beautiful shape, full of honor.
      3. With superb craftsmanship, hand-polishing and fine texture, the crystal ball has a good symbolic meaning.
      4. It is suitable for moving to a new house. People who open a store and do business love it. It can be placed in the living room, store, cashier counter, dining room, bedroom; it has a good meaning.
      5. From high-quality materials and professional technology, exquisite artworks are hand-made by superb artists. The whole sculpture is beautiful and generous, whether it is birthday, Christmas or any special occasion, this sculpture can be used as an excellent gift for family, children, lovers, friends, and can bring them happiness and imagination.
    2. Material: Brass & Acrylic Ball
    3. Color: Golden
    1. Measurements & Weight of Product:
      1. Large Size: 36 X 18 X 7 CM 
      2. Medium Size: 24 X 13 X 5 CM
      3. Small Size: 16 X 10 X 5  CM
    2. Set Weight: 1.0 KG  Approx.