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LAVANDER pillar Candle (Set of 3)

    1. Product detail:  
      1. Traditional holds that "burning a bayberry candle from tip to socket puts luck in the home and gold in the pocket." While we can't promise you'll receive luck, health or riches, we can assure you that these classic taper candles would be excellent choice for your home décor.
      2. Homsstore Candles presents the perfect, long lasting and enduring home décor scented candles. Decorate your interior with our minimalist pieces which is a perfect addition to your place. Each piece is poured with love hand crafted individually with perfection
      3. Soy wax burns cleaner than comparable waxes based on paraffin.
      4. The burning time per gram is longer.
      5. As a natural product, it is more environmentally friendly.
      6. Soy wax is recyclable and organically degradable.
      7. It burns at a lower temperature and is therefore safer to use.
      8. The lower soot formation ensures a cleaner environment.
      9. Heart & Home has always strived to create the world’s best soy wax scented candle. Choosing soy wax as the main component plays a fundamental role here for the following reasons.

    2. Material: Wax
    3. Basic color:  dark purple, medium purple and light purple
    4. Scents: Lavender 
    5. Burning time up to 8 hours of 250 gram each
    6. Set includes:
      1. 3 Piece of Candle
    1. Measurements of Product:
      1. Size: 6 X 6  cm (each)
      2. ( Hand measurement, pls allow 1-3cm Difference !)
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