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Maggey Brushed White Step Bin by EKO

    1. The Maggie Staggered trash can's low-profile stainless steel lid adds elegance to its classic design, while its anti-fingerprint stainless steel surface helps maintain a clean look. The soft lid actually does not pop and lowers without making any noise. The foot pedal opening mechanism is robust enough to filter out debris for years without unnecessary contact. This basket has a convenient carrying handle on the back. The polypropylene liner has a metal ring handle for easy lifting.
    2. Color: Brushed White
    3. Bucket Capacities:
    4. 5-Liter, 8-Liter, 12-Liter, 20- Liter, 30-Liter
    5. Dimensions:
    6. 5-Liter    10.4" D x 8" W x 11.4" H (Approx)
    7. 8-Liter      38 x 22 x 38 cm (Approx)
    8. 12-Liter        32.5 x 24.8 x 40 cm (Approx)
    9. 30-Liter       14.4" D X 11.5" W x 25.6" H 
    10. Composition:  brushed stainless steel & Hard plastic 
    11. Durable cantilever foot pedal mechanism
    12. Soft close damper lid
    13. Non-liner version offers maximum capacity
    1. Please strictly follow the care instructions
    2. Do not bleach
    3. Do not dry clean
    4. Do not tumble dry
    5. Wash-able