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Moroccan Mirror Trays with Stand

    1. Product Details
      1. Finding a gift for a lady’s event can be tricky. You don’t want to choose something that your guests already have! These stunning trays make unique and glamorous gifts for ladies. They are ideal to hand out as welcome gifts at lady’s luncheons, girls-night-in, high-teas and garden teas.

      2. If you’re someone who takes pride in being the ‘perfect’ host, our Vintage Gold Mirrored Tray is sure to wow you with its ethereal charm. This tray can be a luxurious addition to your serve ware collection and its opulence will ensure that it becomes the star attraction at any partyAvailable in two shapes – round and rectangular – this exquisite tray is meant to make special occasions even more special! Caring for it is easy too – just hand-wash it and pat it dry.

      3. If you want to add an extra wow-factor to this tray as a gift, fill it with small treats, chocolates, soft toys or trinkets. They are ideal to offer as favors for the ladies at weddings, bridal showers or baby showers. It makes a fabulous Mother’s day gift, filled with Mum’s favorite makeup and skin care products.

      4. In the commercial sector, these trays are ideal for jewelry stores to display your rings, earrings and necklaces. They are a great choice for cosmetic counters to hold samples that clients can test out before buying. Enhance the look of your store, market stall, or counter display with these glam gold mirror organizers.
    2. Basic Color: Gold
    3. Set Includes: 1 Tray
    4. Material: Mirror Base, Metal Frame
    5. Measurements & Wight/Capacity of Products: 
      1. Tray Weight: Approx. 0.5 kg 
      2. Tray Size:  10" X 10" X 8.5 Inches
    1. Instructions:
    2. Clean with wet cloth
    3. Not Suitable for dishwashers
    4. Not Suitable for microwaves