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Tri Lines Satin Pillow Cases (Pair)

Size Guide
    1. Pillow case Set: 2 Pillows
    2. Pure and Natural Satin Cotton  
    3. Sain Cotton 230 Thread Count
    4. Washed cotton is the raw material handled by special process, is ultra soft, comfortable, breathable, hypoallergenic and durable.
    5. Color: Gray white lines
    6. Feels soft and is very comfortable so it sleeps softly
    7. Please understand that actual color may slightly vary from different screens.
    1. Pillow Case Size: 19" X 29"
    1. Please strictly follow the inner care label instructions for longer life of the garment. Wash hot do not bleach iron hot do not dry clean delicate gentle gentle wool wash cycle

    2. wash hot do not bleach iron hot do not dry clean delicate gentle gentle wool wash cycle